About Sunkit

Sunkit is a club in Stockholm. Sunkit is also an online magazine. We are devoted to what’s known as incredibly strange music. Read all about Sunkit here.

Sunkit is a club in Stockholm, Sweden. We have been playing what’s known as incredibly strange music since spring 1996. First at Bros. Olsson’s Garlic & Shots, later at Södra Teatern and nowadays at Bonden Bar. But that’s not all; we are trying to build a mobile museum of – mainly Scandinavian – incredibly strange, weird exotica and crazy demos – ”demomania”. This website is a part of that work.

Sunkit was founded by resident DJ’s Magnus ”Ny-Magnum” Nilsson and Burt von Bolton (pictured above).

We search the unknown and forgotten, hidden in the vaults of shame as it seldom fit in what’s considered ”good”.

Sometimes you do find outstanding qualities in music that doesn’t even come close to the charts. Courage is a word close to failure in this context. We hail the courage and failure that creates something new and interesting.

By the way, we are playing every first Thurday every second month (ie February, April, June, August, October and December), from 9 p.m. to midnight at Bonden Bar, Bondegatan 1, Stockholm. Nearest subway is Medborgarplatsen or Skanstull – and yes, you’re welcome!